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Naked puts

Municipal bonds, or munis, are a tax advantaged investment. These are bonds issued by municipalities including cities, towns and states. Other government entities, like school boards or industrial improvement board, also issue the bonds. Munis can also be issued by public utilities in some cases. They...

Many investors are thinking of the 1920s. That was a time when the stock market rallied sharply before crashing at the end of the decade. Those memories are never far from the minds of some investors. The crash of 1929 changed the lives of investors...

Luxury brands are, in some ways, in a league of their own. For example, there is a purse made by Hermes called the Birkin bag. One recently sold for more than $379,000. CNBC covered the story with an interesting introduction. “Would you rather have a house...

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise short term interest rates before the end of the year. This is more than just the opinion of analysts. The expectation of another rate hike is built into the market price of Fed Funds futures. Banks are required...

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