• 3 Penny Stocks to Explode in America's Hottest Sector
    As U.S. Defense spending hurtles towards $6.7 TRILLION, one small subset of stocks will soar... For the first time in 18 years, we're on the brink of a situation that could turn every $1,000 into $491,000. It's an historic situation, one that hasn't appeared in nearly two decades. And there are THREE penny stocks that stand to absolutely soar as this situation hits critical mass. Click here to get the ticker symbols.

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New reports were incredibly technical, but the bottom line is that Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) has a problem. There is a significant vulnerability in its processors. All operating systems running Intel chips will have to be updated including Linux distributions, Windows and macOS. This bug appears to...

Super investor Jim Rogers advocates buying the biggest brewery in emerging markets, noting in his travels that people around the world enjoy beer. As CEO of Rogers Holdings, Rogers rarely reports what he is doing. However, he is a frequent market commentator and offers some insight...